Cruz: “Harry Reid Is Obama’s Top Enabler”

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted: "We need to retire Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader NOW!" We agree Senator Cruz!

Newspaper Company Is Considering Building Database On People With Conceal Carry Permits

Newspaper Conglomerate Considers Building National Database Of Gun Owners (via The Daily Caller)

McDaniel Should Run As Write-In In November

McDaniel should run as a write-in for the November elections says Judson Phillips, of Tea Party Nation. I agree, Chris McDaniel should do it! Read the comments in the TPN piece, I'm not the only one who feels that he should run as a write-in.

Cha-Ching! Jack Lew Announces $1 Billion Ukraine Loan Package

Jack Lew Announces $1 Billion Ukraine Loan Package (via Townhall)

Colo Dem Senator Mark Udall Has Always Been Cozy With Obama

Udall's people try to sweep the Senator's support of ObamaCare under the rug in hopes that Colorado voters won't notice. Instead they say that Udall is "issue based". Coloradans know better than that, and Mark Udall's people know it.

Obama Is Moving In On Conservative Groups Using IRS Against His Political Enemies

READ MORE (via Right Wing News)

‘Face The Nation’ Edits Out Cruz’s Comments On Obama’s Abuse Of Power

'Face The Nation' Edits Out Senator Cruz Condemning 'Obama's Abuse Of Power' (via Newsbusters)

Tweet Captures “Energy” At Final Udall, Hickenlooper Rally

The Twitchy Team posted this image that was tweeted from a Udall/Hickenlooper "rally" 15 minutes before it was supposed to commence in Colorado. Luckily for the Dems, people finally did show up at the rally for Senator Udall (D-CO), and Governor Hickenlooper (D-CO). You can't help but laugh at this.

Cruz Organizes Meeting To Fight Amnesty

Breitbart - Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) met with 10 GOP House members yesterday for 90 minutes about amnesty!  That is a long time in Washington!  Republicans...