The Tea Party And The Constitution

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Coincidence? Michelle Obama And Battleground Texas’ Organizer Jennifer Longoria Are All Smiles

Battleground Texas' Jennifer Longoria (far right) Embraced By Michelle Obama (via Breitbart Texas)

Next Week House Oversight Committee To Vote If Going To Hold Lerner In Contempt

I say bring Trey Gowdy (R-SC) in and let him cut loose on questioning Lerner. Politico   

Chicago Residents Say Obama Worst President Ever

These Chicago residents are rightfully mad! The only thing that Obama has created is a crisis in America.

Drudge Tweets Message: ‘Have An Exit Plan’

Matt Drudge Issues Warning:  Have An Exit Plan (via Tea Party Command Center)

Evie Hudak…

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Right Wing News Endorses Cory Gardner Of Colorado For Senate

Democrat Senator Mark Udall is considered to be vulnerable in 2014, but the general consensus was that Ken Buck was going to have to...

Senator Ted Cruz And His Wife Heidi Wow Crowd At Texas Republican Convention

Get ready America - here they come!

Doubtful Rubio can repair the damage

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Congress Is Giving Obama A Blank Check

No Debt Limit?  Congress Is giving Obama A Blank Check (with video via The Foundry)