Braced For Voter Fraud In Colorado

This is a must read. Especially if you live in Colorado.

IRS Rules Say That Lois Lerner Must Keep Copies Of E-Mails

The law requires Learner to keep hard copies of e-mails. So Learner violated IRS policies - now what?! This is unbelievable! We need to keep coming after these people! What is Congress doing about this?

Allen West Has A Message For Chuck Schumer And Progressives

  A Message For Schumer And His Progressive Pals (via Allen West)

Boehner gets the message – Tea Party Style!

READ MORE (with video via Fox News)

Sen. Ted Cruz Plays April Fool’s Prank On Fox And Friends

Sen. Ted Cruz is awesome! video Washington Free Beacon  

Guess Who Called Dr. Ben Carson After His Big Speech Criticizing Obamacare

The Blaze Dr. Carson got a call from the event organizers asking him to apologize to President Obama for offending him.  Looks like Eric Holder...

FCC In Newsroom?

FCC In Newsroom? (with video via Fox News)

The Future Of The Tea Party Is Strong!

(Fox Newsroom Bret Baier - video via Mass Tea Party)

Cruz Spending A Lot Of Time In Iowa

Two weeks ago, Texas Senator Ted Cruz took home second place in the annual Conservative Political Action Conference presidential straw poll. According to theAssociated...