Dogged AP Reporter Is Back Featuring Clueless State Dept. Spokesperson Jen Psaki

State Dept. spokesperson Jen Psaki says, there is "No Evidence That Hamas Plays Any Role' in Palestinian Government." Is this woman delusional?! Watch as she spars with the press. There's also a second video in this piece in which another State Dept. Spokesperson, Marie Harf, has no idea what the answers to the press questions are. The press people must walk out of the briefing room in utter disgust and disbelief of the State Departments incompetency.

FEATURED POST: Hey, Mr. President! Did You Skip Schoolhouse Rock?

audio of Sen. Ted Cruz Senator Cruz talks to Sean Hannity about how President Obama ignores the laws that he doesn't like.  Some of which are:...

FEATURED POST: Boehner Talks About Lois Learner Being Held In Contempt

video Breitbart Boehner says that Lois Lerner will probably be held in contempt over the IRS investigation.  Thursday she will be back in front of...

Biden Jokes He Would Nominate Obama For Sainthood!

Vice President Joe Biden in a speech Friday joked that he should have nominated President Obama for “sainthood” after seeing his patience during the rocky rollout of...

Senator Ted Cruz And His Wife Heidi Wow Crowd At Texas Republican Convention

Get ready America - here they come!

Score: Obama/La Raza: 290,000 Extremists: ? ...

Who knows what type of people are getting across our borders illegally. Let's step away from the horrific humanitarian crisis that Obama has created by encouraging immigrants to come to America, and saying that they would be granted Amnesty. Think about the terrorists who can easily get across our borders as our agents are overwhelmed with caring for illegal immigrant children as they flood the borders.

Mark Levin Gets A Standing Ovation At The Values Voters Summit!

Mark Levin addresses faith, and the fight against extremist Islam. He also says that the President needs to stop making apologies about it! Mark then asks, "how about a speech in the defense of the Christians around the world from the President of The United States?" Then he goes on, "how about a speech about the defense of Israel?" And "how about a speech in the defense of women who are being attacked and enslaved," asks Levin. The crowd went crazy with approving applause and cheering! This is one to watch! Mark is a true patriot. Thank you Mark Levin!

James Rosen & Carl Cameron Report On Hillary Clinton’s Smackdown Of Obama Foreign Policy

Mass Tea Party never lets me down. MTP recorded a segment from the O'Reilly Factor tonight which reported on the Democratic party infighting. Bill...

Bowie Bergdahl’s Father Tweeted A Strange Message

I don't understand this tweet from Bowie Bergdahl's father - it's bizarre.