Jonathan Gruber: The $6 Million Man

Obama on Saturday dismissed MIT professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber as “some adviser who never worked on our staff.” As someone who never stops giving Obama advice and never worked on his staff, I hereby apply for the Gruber treatment.

Harry Reid: Obamacare Sign Up Low Because People ‘Not Educated To Use Internet’

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) attempted to explain the lack of sign-ups for Obamacare by referencing Americans’ supposed ignorance of technology....

Hospitals Plot To End Insurance Companies

We will be seeing changes in hospital care due to Obamacare.  Here is a glimpse of what's to come with regards to hospitals and...

Obamacare Check-Up – A Five Day Special By: Bret Baier

video via Mass Tea Party

Rockefeller Recklessly Accuses Conservatives Of Being Racist Against Obama At Senate Hearing!

Rockefeller throws wild accusations at conservatives while at a Senate hearing! Yet another reason for term limits.

Our Peevish President

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Shocker: White House “Cooking The Books” – Changing Census Bureau Insurance Questions

video Fox News via National Review The Obama Administration has census bureau change insurance questions to make it look like Obamacare has been a benefit to...

Brian Kolfage, Sra, USAF, Ret., Triple Amputee Vet – Rips On Commander-In-Chief In Memorial...

Airman Brian Kolfage, Sra, USAF Ret., wrote this Memorial Day letter that rips on Obama and the Veterans Administration. Airman Kolfage is a patriot and American hero.

“Big Three” Networks Won’t Give Obama Victory Propaganda Speech Primetime Air-Time

The White House was turned down flatly by ABC, CBS, and NBC to cover a Presidential address on the success of Obamacare.  So poor...