Scalia fumes: Let’s start calling Obamacare ‘SCOTUScare’

Justice Antonin Scalia, in a scathing dissent, chastised his colleagues for a "quite absurd" decision upholding Obamacare's federal exchange subsidies, arguing that they disregarded the plain meaning of the law — effectively rewriting it in order to save it from itself.

New Obamacare privacy threats loom large

In September 2013, President Obama spoke to a crowd at Prince George's Community College in Maryland about the upcoming launch of Obamacare's first enrollment season, saying that "Like any big product launch, there's going to be some glitches as this thing unfolds."

WATCH: Gruber’s Role In Obamacare – Obama On Gruber As Some Advisor Who Had...

Gruber leaves trail of 20,000 e-mails that show a direct involvement by Gruber in advising the White House with the creation of Obamacare.

Report: Almost Half Of ObamaCare Exchanges Struggling Financially

States are considering turning over their exchanges to the federal government, and the federal exchange itself faces an uncertain future.


Of all the dumb things I’ve seen in politics, the idea that Ted Cruz obeying the Affordable Care Act while seeking its repeal constitutes some sort of hypocrisy or controversy takes the stupid cake.

Smug Harvard Professors & Staff Whining Because Stuck With ObamaCare

This is delicious....Karma baby!

New Costs & Fines Kicking In As Pres’ Healthcare Law Rings In New Year

Deductibles are up over 50 percent! Nobody is thrilled about that.

Congressman Jim Bridenstine: I Will Not Vote for John Boehner

Leave it to a former member of our military to step up and defend our freedoms. In a release today, Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine announced...

2015 ObamaCare Employer Mandate Kicks In

Companies with 100 or more workers must now provide insurance to at least 70 percent of its employees, or they face owing the government big fines. Small business with more than 50 workers will be required to comply by next year. Employers may cut hours in order to stay under the requirement, and avoid fines.

Ten Stories NBC Nightly News Aired Instead of Covering Gruber Story

Finally, after 32 days of airing absolutely nothing about how Jonathan Gruber repeatedly called Americans "Stupid" and used deception to defraud We The People,...