IRS Backs Off On Plan To Suppress Tea Party Groups – Until After Elections

I've noticed that I am saying the word unbelievable a lot. I think the word I should be saying is believable. In this piece the DC Examiner points out that the IRS is holding off on it's plan...

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Tea Party Leader On Government Harassment…

Tea Party Leader On Government Harassment:  'We Had A Parade Of The Alphabet Soup Come To Visit Me' (with video via Breitbart)

IRS Commissioner Says Can’t Produce E-mails Blames Obamacare

No this is one that you have to see!

Held In Contempt

DC Examiner - Lois Lerner is held in contempt!  We knew it was coming.  

The Tea Party Is Not Going Anywhere

While the Republican Establishment and mainstream media are hell-bent on demonizing and marginalizing the Tea Party, or put another way, We The People, they...

FEATURED POST: Holders New Target: Gun Tracking Bracelets

video Right Sightings Journalist Katie Pavlich gives an update on gun tracking bracelets and the IRS scandal.  Here are my thoughts: Why is the Attorney General...