Lois Learners Sent E-Mails Calling Conservative “Crazies” and “A**Holes”

Where is the FBI? They haven't interviewed anyone. Someone has to be held accountable and respond to this!

Rosen and Cameron On New Lois Lerner E-Mails That Show Her Disdain Of Conservatives

Two of my favorite Fox Chief Political Correspondents, James Rosen and Carl Cameron appear on the O'Reilly Factor to report on the Lois Lerner new e-mail discovery, the Sgt. Bergdahl situation, and why John Kerry is in India with all that is going on in the world. Watch Carl Cameron keep O'Reilly on task as Bill tries to make broad statements, and James Rosen in all of his awesomeness...

Reported That New E-Mails Link IRS, State Dept., Conspired Against Pro-Israel Groups

I have to say, it this report is true, I wouldn't be shocked.

Eric Holder Will Not Appoint Special Prosecutor For IRS – Says They Are “Doing...

Fox News talks about Tea Party targeting by the IRS. Listen to this interview, it's unbelievable what the IRS is getting away with and DOJ Eric Holder says the investigation is going well.

New E-mails Show Lois Lerner Intentionally Sought to Hide Information from Congress

Ladies and Gentlemen, this could be crack it wide open...

Rep. Gohmert: Offers Reward for Leaner E-Mails

You never know if someone will come up with some info on the Learner e-mails....

Ted Cruz Blasts IRS For Losing E-Mails And Not Following The Law

Exactly! These e-mails were destroyed and we all know it!

IRS Commissioner Says Can’t Produce E-mails Blames Obamacare

No this is one that you have to see!