Prepare…home inspections for gun owners may be on the way.

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Sen. Ted Cruz thanks us for standing up for our rights

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Dems Use Santa Barbara Shooting/Stabbing To Push Gun Control Agenda Ignore Other Shootings Over...

Well, the NRA and guns are getting the blame for the Santa Barbara horrific crime. What a tragedy this was. What has happened in this society? I think that our culture has changed significantly over the years. There are broken families, kids look to Hollywood...

Oklahoma Company Designs Bullet-Resistant Blanket For Kids To Use In School

More propaganda from the liberal biased media.

Sarah Palin – laws can’t protect a society that has lost its way

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Joe Biden Wields Squirt Gun

Squirt gun wielding Joe Biden is the laugh that keeps on laughing. He's also the eternal hypocrite. Just another day in the life of a Liberal.

Ah, the good old days…

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Obama Gun Agenda Backfires: Gun Sales Smash Records In 2013

Greta Talks With Senator Ted Cruz On Hollywood Hypocrites Bashing Of NRA

At NRA Event – Hero Major Pulido Tells His Story About Being Hit By...

video The Right Scoop This story was a reminder of all of the sacrifices our military and their families give for our country.  Major Ed...