Piers Tweets NRA ‘I’m Not Done With You Yet’ ‘#GunControl’

Ousted Piers Morgan To NRA:  'I'm Not Done With You Yet (via The Blaze)

Colorado concealed-carry permits skyrocket!

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Pro- Gun New Hampshire organization has an action alert on NJ Gov. Chris Christie

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Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper softens stance on gun control after recall election

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Couple Kills Two Las Vegas Police Officers In ‘Apparent Suicide Pact’

It appears that the couple was confronted by a person who had a concealed carry firearm, and that person was shot and killed...


The owners of Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen are old hands at confronting the typical challenges of a burgeoning restaurant business—hiring, competition, even developing a “gluten guide.” But recently the Tex-Mex chain has been facing an unusual dilemma: whether to allow customers to openly display their guns while munching fajitas.

How about a new state? Northern Colorado! Time to pack the U-Haul!

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Prepare…home inspections for gun owners may be on the way.

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Everything you need to know about the Colorado recall elections

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Anti-Gun PSA Encourages Kids To Steal Parents’ Guns And Turn Them In To Teachers...

A provocative public service announcement released by a San Francisco-based production company encourages children to put themselves at risk and commit a slew of crimes by stealing their parents’ guns from home and turning them in at school...