Donald Trump: Abolish Gun Free Zones On Military Bases

Donald Trump says that if elected president, he will abolish the gun free zones currently imposed on U.S. troops by “[mandating] that soldiers remain armed and on alert at our military bases.”

NJ Gov. Chris Christie signed gun bills into law today – but a few...

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NRA Declares Victory Over Facebook Response To Gun Control Groups

NRA Declares Victory Over Facebook Response To Gun Control Groups (via Breitbart)


On March 22 a man who opened fire on children and adults in a Philadelphia barbershop was shot and killed by a citizen with a concealed carry permit.

Cashier fired for defending himself after customer pulls knife on him!

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Mayor of Fargo skips Bloomberg’s gun event – and he is a member of...


Couple saves themselves from escaped inmate – thank you Second Amendment!

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Hickenlooper Can’t Commit To Dems Or Sheriffs On Gun Control

I've decided to do a multiple link format for you because there are so many stupid things that Colorado Governor Hickenlooper has done. Enjoy.

Senator Ted Cruz: Senate Dems Want To Vote To Repeal Free-Speech Protections Of First...

Senator Ted Cruz wrote an Op-ed on Senate Dems. who want to repeal free-speech protections of the First Amendment. Senator Cruz writes, "Congress could punish bloggers expending any resources to criticize the president..."

Colorado Teen Shoots Gun In Air And Scares Away Burglars

Real-Life 'Home Alone' Story:  Teen Shoots At Gang  Of Burglars (via Biz Pac Review)