Joe Biden Wields Squirt Gun

Squirt gun wielding Joe Biden is the laugh that keeps on laughing. He's also the eternal hypocrite. Just another day in the life of a Liberal.

Awesome! Congressional Candidate Matt Rosendale “Shoots Drone” in Ad

video Matt Rosendale Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!  We agree Matt, spying on Americans is wrong - let's get Washington out of our lives!

FEATURED POST: Holders New Target: Gun Tracking Bracelets

video Right Sightings Journalist Katie Pavlich gives an update on gun tracking bracelets and the IRS scandal.  Here are my thoughts: Why is the Attorney General...

FEATURED POST: Holder Wants Registered Gun Owners To Wear ID Bracelets

video Washington Free Beacon My fellow Americans, we should be very afraid.  Eric Holder who heads up the Department Of Justice for the United States...