The buzz on twitter – Valerie Jarrett gave stand down order on Benghazi

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In Case You Missed It – Trey Gowdy Rips The Press On Benghazi

Western Journalism - Rep. Trey Gowdy takes the press apart on their (in my opinion) negligence, and also on knowingly refusing to do their job...

Israeli Security Thwarts Plot of Terrorist Attack On US Embassy In Tel Aviv UPDATED

Breaking:  Al-Qaida Doesn't Like Obama Because He's Black (via Allen West) Israel foils Al-Qaida Plot (with video via Fox News)

Rep. Chaffetz (R-UT) slams White House on Benghazi & says we don’t need a...

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Video Montage – Obama: “I Learned About It From The News”

This President and his administration must think Americans are clueless. When is the liberal bias media going start reporting instead of spinning the news?

FEATURED POST: Louis Gohmert On Eric Holder Saying, “Well, Good Luck With Your Asparagus”

audio The Blaze Yesterday, Eric Holder rudely said, 'well, good luck with your asparagus' to Louis Gohmert after getting hot under the collar for being...

Bret Baier Special Report On Benghazi

Mass Tea Party

Poll: Majority Don’t Trust Hillary On Benghazi

Poll:  Majority Doesn't Trust Hillary's Benghazi Story (via Townhall)

Benghazi Docs: Show Senior Military Officials Knew It Was A Terror Attack

Declassified Interviews:  Defense Officials Quickly Classified Benghazi A Terror Attack (via Breitbart)