Poll: Obama ‘Worst President’ Since WWII

This piece is spot-on! Can you imagine if the liberal biased media wasn't covering for Obama how much lower the numbers would be for the president? Obama and his administration are one big joke! The president talks about how the White House chefs are so good that the pies must have crack in them...

Benghazi Docs: Show Senior Military Officials Knew It Was A Terror Attack

Declassified Interviews:  Defense Officials Quickly Classified Benghazi A Terror Attack (via Breitbart)

Senator Ted Cruz Has 5 Questions For The President That Should Be Answered During...

Here Are the 5 Questions (via Senator Ted Cruz)

Watch: The great White House Benghazi cover-up in 3 minutes flat

Watch: the great White House Benghazi cover-up in 3 minutes flat (via Biz Pac Review)

American Teacher Shot Dead In Benghazi

READ MORE (via BBC News)

Senator Rand Paul: On If Dems Boycott Benghazi Select Committee

  Senator Rand Paul says, "Hillary Clinton should be subpoenaed she was in charge, big mistakes were made on her watch."

Sources say Obama purging military commanders

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Bret Baier is an American patriot. His dogged reporting on what happened that terrible night in Benghazi is a demonstration of what a journalist should be doing. He has made sure to stay on the story and to delve into the details, and air it for all to see. The mainstream liberal media is hoping that this will go away as Hillary Clinton prepares for her presidential run.

Krauthammer: Hillary Got Off The Hook At The Hearings

Krauthammer Lowers The Boom:  Hillary Achieved Nothing As Secretary Of State (audio with Hugh Hewitt via IJ Review)  

[VIDEO] Remember That Three Minute Video Where Trey Gowdy Shreds Dems? Oh, How Glorious...

Rep. Trey Gowdy so skillfully sliced through the Washington spin on Benghazi that he received death threats. His response was, "it wasn't the first time" - he had been a prosecutor in South Carolina. This man holds a torch for truth and justice.