Video Montage – Obama: “I Learned About It From The News”

This President and his administration must think Americans are clueless. When is the liberal bias media going start reporting instead of spinning the news?

Watch: The great White House Benghazi cover-up in 3 minutes flat

Watch: the great White House Benghazi cover-up in 3 minutes flat (via Biz Pac Review)

Hillary Heckled – “You let them die!”

READ MORE (with video via Real Clear Politics)

FEATURED POST: Louis Gohmert On Eric Holder Saying, “Well, Good Luck With Your Asparagus”

audio The Blaze Yesterday, Eric Holder rudely said, 'well, good luck with your asparagus' to Louis Gohmert after getting hot under the collar for being...

Gretawire: Obama Administration Tried To Discourage Fox News Channel From Reporting On Benghazi

Obama Administration Has Some Explaining To Do (via Gretawire)

Gowdy: ‘We Have Heard All Of That Before’

Washington Free Beacon

Senator Ted Cruz Says E-mails Are “Nakedly Political” On Benghazi

Senator Ted Cruz: "We need to get the truth about Benghazi and that ought to be a bipartisan objective!"

Bachmann: It Appears The President Was AWOL During Benghazi Attack

Bachmann On Benghazi:  Obama Was AWOL  (with video via The Foundry)

Trey Gowdy Makes It Clear That Congress Won’t Be Sweeping Benghazi Under The Rug

Good for Rep. Trey Gowdy! Last week Bret Baier of Fox News conducted interviews from people who were there that terrible night in Benghazi. According to them the instruction that was given was to "wait" and "stand-down." We have to get to the bottom of this and Hillary Clinton should be the first to be held accountable.