How About A Little Levin On Immigration?

Listen to Mark Levin takes us through immigration 20 years ago and where it is today.  Dingy Harry gets a mention or two. -CVP Listen...

WATCH: Hillary Clinton In Hot Water – Personal E-Mail May Have Violated The Law

Watch to see why Hillary Clinton may have done this.

Jeb Bush to announce presidential campaign on June 15

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will officially enter the 2016 presidential race on June 15 in Miami, Fla.

Judge strikes down some of Colorado Secretary of States recall election rules

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More Bad News For The White House As 17 States File Suit Against President...

Texas is leading a 17-state coalition in suing over the Obama administration’s recently announced executive actions on immigration...

Obama Denies Pulling Troops Out Of Iraq

Are you kidding me? The President is blaming Iraq on President Bush, and denying that he is the one who made the decision to pull troops out of Iraq! This is literally laughable..

With Hillary, Obama Forced To Play Co-Leader

President Obama is learning that Hillary Clinton is effectively the co-leader of the Democratic Party, creating a new set of headaches for a commander in chief not yet ready to cede center stage to his possible successor.

Americans Melt Down GOP phone lines to defund Obamacare

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Hospitals Plot To End Insurance Companies

We will be seeing changes in hospital care due to Obamacare.  Here is a glimpse of what's to come with regards to hospitals and...

Texas Governor Rick Perry Fires Back & Analysis Of The Case

Mass Tea Party