Border Patrol Former Deputy Chief: “We Are Back To Pre-9/11 Security Levels – Blames...

The news that's coming out of the border situation makes me think of the television series called, The Last Ship. Sounds crazy, right? Well, during the program, the world has completely collapsed because of a virus that spread across the world and the CDC couldn't control it and everyone died except those who were isolated on a Navy ship in the ocean for four months.

Sources: Pentagon Officials Fuming Over Obama Rose Garden Parade Of Berghdal’s Parents

Obama tries to pivot away from VA scandal by parading Bergdahl family.

Report Of Last Night’s Events During Ferguson Curfew

Associated Press

WATCH: Gowdy to Gruber – “Is your apology because you said it, or because...

Watch Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) grill Gruber!

Russian Bombers Increase Flights Near U.S. Airspace

We posted on this yesterday. What is Russia preparing for - and are we prepared for it?

Unhinged! Harry Reid has a hissy fit!

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WATCH: The Great One Today At CPAC 2015

CPAC 2015

Colorado Grassroots has made a recall election happen!

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