BOMBSHELL: Obama Caught on Tape Saying He IDENTIFIES With the 9/11 Terrorists

image REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
image REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Conservative Tribune For months now we have watched President Barack Obama go out of his way to make excuses on behalf of radical Islamic terrorists. But never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that his penchant for appeasement runs so high that he would do the same thing even for the 9/11 terrorists.

Yet that is exactly what he did in 2004, when he augmented his memoir, “Dreams from my Father,” with a new preface in which he basically made excuses for the terrorists.

“On September 11, 2001,” Obama started, “…history returned with a vengeance; in fact, as Faulkner reminds us, the past is never dead and buried — it isn’t even past.”

But instead of expressing grief over the many lives lost on 9/11, Obama decided to pinpoint “the underlying struggle between worlds of plenty and worlds of want” – and to reaffirm his commitment “against Western imperialism, racism and colonialism.”

He also specifically revealed how he identifes with the “desperation and disorder of the powerless,” which according to him is the reason the so-called powerless “slip into violence and despair” (H/T New York Post).

His premise is that acts of terror – such as the one that killed 2,977 Americans – are committed in response to the desperation of poverty and despair.

It just so happens, however, that this excuse, which some might argue is a slap in the face to victims of terrorism, does not fit even slightly when it comes to “Jihadi John.”

It turns out that the vicious man behind the mask, Mohammed Emwazi, is a 28-year-old London native who grew up in a fairly well-off middle class family – one that was able to afford to send him to the University of Westminster.

What do you therefore suppose inspired Emwazi to transform into a brutal radical Islamic terrorist who proudly stars in beheading videos? Was it desperation, as Obama would argue, or was it simply the ideology of radical Islam?

Better yer, do you believe President Obama will ever wake up and stop blaming radical Islam on “economic and political grievances,” like he did last month at his terrorism summit? Or are we fated to spend the next two years being led by a man who is, at his core, nothing more than a terrorist sympathizer?

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