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Gareth William, Bill Neumann

Bill Neumann is a conservative Republican who has lived his entire life as a traditionalist. Bill’s love of God and country are unshakeable.

He is a small businessperson who started a company with an idea, no financing and never thought of failure. The very successful business is now its 41th year. As a successful entrepreneur, Bill makes decisions every day to guide his company, to be competitive and at the forefront of engineering, quality, new products, and be financially sound.

Bill knows that our government has lost its way, and needs to be brought back to financial soundness and get back to basics in running the country – get the politics and political correctness out! Bill and his wife, Florence have been married for 62 years, have three sons, seven grandchildren, and eleven great grandchildren.

Bill and Florence have never smoked, been drunk, or taken any drugs and have guided their children the same Christian way by setting examples! Isn’t that the kind of example you want our president and leaders to set? Honesty and integrity have always guided the Neumann family.

Bill knows what families are going through these days, and we all need to work to make America better for everyone!

TRUTH convulses the world! And Truth has been trashed in America by the liberal media, and the Obama administration! Regardless of political party, we must demand the Truth! There is always some evil or corruption in the world, but there will always be a rallying for Love and the Truth!

Washington is completely broken! Let’s not elect any more politicians – they have not worked out very well!

How about a citizen president with great experience and wisdom of age?
Bill Neumann can be the under-dog, come from behind, kid.
Bill needs volunteers in every state – Want to take back your country? Sign up!
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