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We, like millions of Americans across this country, believe in the founding principles and Judeo-Christian moral foundation upon which this country was built. With those principles and values under increasing attack by the liberal, progressive agenda, we are compelled to join the fight to return our country back to its founding – back to we the people. Our mission is to ensure that the voices of Americans dedicated to this cause are heard and the greatest governing document in human history is once again adhered to.

Obama races to put his fingerprint on American lives, signs a...

This presidency can't end soon enough. -CVP

Unclassy Wedding Party Gives Middle Finger to Trump Building

Wow, the hate runs pretty deep if you are willing to start your marriage off by giving a building the middle finger. Liberals are about to get really agitated with the upcoming Trump administration picks. This is going to be fun! Ha ha! -CVP

WATCH: Trump Admin Continues to Take Shape

It's become a spectator sport over at Trump Tower as people come and go. -CVP

WATCH: Building Trump Team – Reported: Sen Sessions Accepts Attorney General

Ford Keeping SUV Plant in Kentucky

Trump Taps Senator Jeff Sessions for U.S. Attorney General

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) serves as the Chairman of two Senate subcommittees: Immigration and the National Interest, and Strategic Forces.

James Clapper Resigns – Sen. Rand Paul tweets: “Farewell, James Clapper”

I like Senator Paul (R-KY). We all know that he is no fan of James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence. Read more about it, link to story is in Senator Paul's tweet. -CVP

Drain the swamp! Trump Team Announces “5-year Lobbying Ban For Appointees,”...

This should be interesting. -CVP

WATCH: Hannity opening statement on cry baby liberals after Hillary Clinton...

Sean Hannity speaks the truth. Trump Senio Advisor, KellyAnn Conway weighs in.(14:27) -CVP


You won't hear about this data in the mainstream liberal media. -CVP