Tea Party Conservatives have had it.  Recently, I attended our local county Tea Party meeting. There were about 50 plus people or so in the meeting at our local firehouse. Instead of writing a detailed piece, I’ve decided to list what our fellow conservatives said about the GOP establishment and about Donald Trump – in their own words. Here is what the people said:tea_party_patriots

    1. I’m a Cruz person, but I will vote for Trump because I don’t want Hillary in the White House.
    2. One minute I’m for Trump, the next minute I’m not for Trump.
    3. The Clinton’s are dangerous and bad people. I will vote for Trump because I don’t want the Clinton’s in the White House.
    4. We’ve been lied to! I held my nose and voted for GOP establishment many times. I’m not going to do it again! I will vote for Hillary in protest!
    5. Boo! Boo! Boo!
    6. Take a look at where we are!
    7. The GOP doesn’t care about your protest non-vote, so you may as well vote for Trump!
    8. The Dems are loving this division.
    9. But Trump is already back peddling on minimum wages!
    10. No, he isn’t! He said it should be up to the states!
    11. I don’t care, I don’t trust him!
    12. You have to vote for him, or it’s a vote for Hillary, and I’m not going to let her in the White House after she is responsible for the killing of our men in Benghazi.
    13. I’m thinking of quitting the party. Maybe becoming a Libertarian…
    14. Maybe I should vote for Hillary…
    15. I don’t care, I’m not voting for Trump, I’ve held my nose for too long!
    16. I don’t know who I’m going to vote for.
    17. What about our Second Amendment rights?! Whose going to protect them? See this t-shirt? It’s says, “come and take it!” That’s how I feel! Our Second Amendment rights are the last vestiges of our freedom!
    18. I’ve had it with the GOP establishment, I’m out of here! (storms out of meeting)

    What didn’t I hear? Let’s unite. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Maybe the GOP leadership can say it. But it doesn’t mean that grassroots conservatives will listen. Conservatives don’t believe the leadership. That door was closed long ago by the fat cat GOP politicians in Washington. I don’t know what our future will look like. But liberals are licking their chops and drooling like wolves coming in for the kill.

    Grassroots conservatives are at a crossroads. Many will probably be going in different directions. Leaving the Dems to grab control. It’s pretty bleak. Conservatives may not unite, no thanks to the failed leadership in Washington, who couldn’t care less about our nation. The GOP has made compromises that go against what they were elected to do. Nobody believes in them anymore. They are delusional to think so.

    During the Tea Party meeting, one patriot said that our liberties are being chipped away. He’s right. We have seen only a handful of conservative leaders that have been steadfast in doing what they promised us they would do when they were asking for our vote. Most elected GOP leaders have turned their backs on us.

    I’ve spoken to a few conservatives and they are unsure of what to do next. Some are holding their noses and voting for Trump. Others truly believe in Donald Trump. However, there are those who have reached their boiling point, and they are walking away from the Republican party.

    I have said that I would vote for the nominee, and I still plan to. I do have hope that Donald Trump won’t let us down because he’s not a politician. Please leave a comment, I’d like to know how you feel.

    -The Real CVP

    We, like millions of Americans across this country, believe in the founding principles and Judeo-Christian moral foundation upon which this country was built. With those principles and values under increasing attack by the liberal, progressive agenda, we are compelled to join the fight to return our country back to its founding – back to we the people. Our mission is to ensure that the voices of Americans dedicated to this cause are heard and the greatest governing document in human history is once again adhered to.